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Employee faces multiple charges for alleged fraud

New York residents who find themselves unable to work due to an injury or illness related to their jobs may well be eligible to file for and receive workers' compensation benefits. If they have additional personal insurance coverage that provides lost income benefits, that may be one other avenue via which they can receive income during times like these. 

Two men face allegations for ticket fraud

Any person in New York who has ever tried to get a ticket to a major concert or even to a popular play or musical knows that it can be difficult to get the seat they want at the price they are willing to pay. Purchasing tickets to events like these today is different than in years past in part because there are many sources for these tickets as they are not always sold directly from a box office or one centralized ticketing outlet.

Broad search warrant thrown out by judge

The Fourth Amendment protects Americans against unlawful searches, and a recent case being brought against a New York financier has shined a light on the issues with search warrants in fraud cases. As Forbes reports, a judge recently slammed the FBI for violating the financier's constitutional rights with their overly broad search warrant.

Proving good faith

Listen to any case involving a charge of fraud of New York, and you will likely hear some form of the word “intentional” used multiple times. Many of those that we here at Sapone and Petrillo LLP have helped over the years have come to us with concerns that their legitimate business intentions would be mistaken for fraudulent activity. Fortunately, the law does not totally leave you at the mercy of one who might accuse you of alleged illegal activity. Your intent plays a big role in determining whether or not charges may be warranted in such a case.

Defining mail fraud

The word “fraud” is often used in a general sense to describe any activity in which one tries to deceive another in an attempt to secure a financial gain. However, there are actually several different types of fraud whose classification depends on the type of medium or method used to perpetuate a scheme. One of the more common is mail fraud, an offense that can carry with it severe penalties such as incarceration, as well as fines and restitution which can be up to $1 million in certain situations.

What is white-collar crime?

If you’re facing a white-collar crime charge in New York, you are no doubt aware of the seriousness of the matter. To this end, comprehending what white-collar crime actually entails is of huge importance to ensure you get the legal assistance you need when faced with severe charges.

Understanding the elements of wire fraud

The online marketplace now makes it possible for companies and private citizens in New York to transact business involving untold amounts of money directly from their homes. With that freedom also comes increased exposure to people who may be looking to perpetrate fraud. According to the federal statute defining “wire fraud” (as shared by the Legal Information Institute), any communications sent by wire, radio or television with the purposes of defrauding a person or party are deemed illegal. Recent years seen internet communications included in the definition of wired communications.

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