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Defendants to be sentenced for embezzlement in August

New York residents who work in roles in which they have access to company or organization funds may find themselves under great scrutiny at times. These types of jobs may well put people at a greater risk of being accused of embezzling or otherwise misappropriating money. When these types of white collar crime charges are levied against a person, the potential consequences may be great.

Woman headed to prison following second embezzling conviction

Accusations of embezzlement in New York City are taken very seriously due to the financial impact that the crime can have on the victims involved. Yet a perception may exist that such activity does not warrant harsh criminal penalties due to the fact that those convicted of it are often sentenced only to probation. However, there may be a reason behind such sentencing. Convicted perpetrators of embezzlement are often made to pay restitution to those that they stole from. Repaying that debt may be next to impossible if one is incarcerated.

What you need to know about Ponzi schemes

Ponzi schemes are some of the most intriguing forms of fraud in the industry. While most victims in New York do not realize they are losing money, there are also many involved in the scheme who do not know they are participating in a crime. The laws and rules can be confusing, so it is important to understand the basics. At the Sapone and Petrillo law firm, we want to help those who have been wrongly accused or mistakenly involved in a Ponzi scheme. Here is everything you need to know about this type of fraud.

What elements must be established to prove embezzlement?

The term "embezzlement" is likely to bring immediate thoughts of greed and shady financial practices. The term itself even has a sharp, stinging phonetic tone. Embezzlement is a criminal charge that relates to the theft of financial assets for which an individual is responsible. For the most part, embezzlement is a charge that relates to business professionals, executives and corporate workers, though it can be applied in other contexts as well.

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