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White Collar Crimes Archives

What is white collar crime?

You may have heard the term “white collar crime” in the past (particularly given New York City’s association with global financial markets), yet do truly know what it means? Many may believe that it involves sophisticated crimes committed by savvy business people who, if caught, are sent away to resort-style federal prisons. While there may indeed be some grains of truth in that assumption, law enforcement officials take white collar crimes very seriously, often meting out punishments for them that can rival those imposed on violent criminals.

Tax fraud vs. tax negligence: What's the difference?

In our last post, we talked about tax fraud and how the legal consequences associated with such a crime often are only part of the total punishment. On a personal level, someone charged or convicted of tax fraud can suffer immensely. On a professional level, an individual's credibility can forever be tarnished. Tax fraud is an incredibly serious offense, and anyone accused of this crime needs to consult with an attorney as soon as possible to defend their case and uphold their rights.

Tax evasion may seem harmless but has steep consequences

Doing taxes is not fun for most New Yorkers and it’s even less so when money is due to the government. As tempting as it may be to lie or omit certain information in order to pay less in taxes, getting caught doing so can result in severe penalties.

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