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Federal Crimes Archives

Prison guards for Jeffrey Epstein face federal charges

Two prison guards in New York are facing federal charges related to the death of Jeffrey Epstein while in custody. Allegedly, they ignored two mandatory checks per hour in the eight hours leading up to his death. Prosecutors say they browsed online and took naps instead of making the required checks. They also allegedly falsified records to make it appear as though they were monitoring Epstein.

Former DEA agent accused of helping drug traffickers

A former Drug Enforcement Administration agent has been indicted for providing information and assistance to drug traffickers in New York. The indictment, which was unsealed on Nov. 5, alleges that the former agent accepted bribes totaling more than $250,000 from organized crime figures in the Buffalo area between 2008 and 2017. He faces a raft of charges including obstruction of justice, providing false statements to law enforcement, accepting bribes and conspiracy. He was released from federal custody after posting a $250,000 bond and surrendering his passport.

New York state judge charged in MCU fraud case

Federal prosecutors have charged a New York state judge with conspiracy and obstruction of justice in connection with an investigation into fraud at the state's oldest credit union. The woman is accused of attempting to destroy evidence by deleting text messages and erasing the memory of a mobile phone. Her bond has been set at $500,000 according to media reports. She faces up to 20 years in a federal prison if convicted of all the charges against her.

What are immigration offenses?

Countless people from all over the world seek to gain entry into the United States every year. Millions of immigration applications are received for a limited number of visas, which means that many people will be left without means of lawful entry. This has led to a wave of people entering the country illegally. If you have been accused of this very action (or assisting another currently in New York in doing so), it is important that you understand exactly what constitutes an immigration crime and what potential penalties you might face if convicted. 

Self-incrimination and the Fifth Amendment

If you are like most people in New York, you are aware that the criminal justice system recognizes alleged crimes based on varying degrees of severity. It also identifies crimes in part based on jurisdiction. Some crimes are prosecuted at the local or municipal level while others are prosecuted at the state or the federal level. Regardless of whether you are accused of petty theft, murder or treason, you are guaranteed some very important rights under the law.

Embezzlement allegations result in probation sentence

People in New York who are accused of white collar crimes like money laundering or embezzlement may well know that they might be forced to spend time in prison if they are convicted of these types of offenses. However, a prison sentence is not always an automatic outcome as many factors can go into what determines a person's sentence in these matters.

How are hate crimes defined?

While criminal wrongdoing is always taken seriously by law enforcement, hate crimes combine criminal wrongdoing with a motivation spurred by a bias towards another group. As a result, they cause a ripple effect that can potentially impact all members of a certain group, whether united by race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or country of origin. For this reason, hate crimes often entail harsher penalties than other types of crimes, even those that involve violence.

Examples of tax avoidance

You have likely heard how serious the federal government treats cases where people have not paid their taxes. At the same time, you have probably also seen advertisements detailing programs that teach you how to avoid having to pay tax. You might hear these and immediately dismiss them as scams aimed to take advantage of the general public's collective unfamiliarity with the tax code (some indeed are). Yet many come to us here at Sapone & Pertrillo LLP questioning whether the actions they have taken to avoid paying taxes are indeed legal. You may be surprised to hear that some actually are. 

Understanding campaign contribution limits

With activities related to the next presidential election already underway, it is not uncommon for many people in New York to be giving consideration to which candidate they would like to support. In addition to voting for a particular candidate, many people opt to provide financial support to assist with their preferred candidate's campaign. Before jumping in to donate money to someone running for political office, however, it is important to learn a bit about the laws that govern political campaign contributions.

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