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September 2019 Archives

Defining unlawful gifting

Given New York City’s deep connections with the corporate world, it is not uncommon for locals to hear stories of businesses executives getting in trouble for either giving or receiving gifts from those with whom there is the potential to do business. Most would refer to such actions with a single word: bribery. Yet does the fact that this activity can invite legal scrutiny mean that any form of corporate or professional gifting is unlawful? The answer to that question depends on the unique circumstances of each case. 

Defenses to money laundering charges in New York

When large amounts of money are dealt with on a "cash-in-hand" basis, it can be enough for suspicions of money laundering to arise. Money laundering is defined as the act of attempting to make cash seem like it has been legitimately acquired when it is, in fact, the product of criminal activity.

Embezzlement charges for alleged defrauding of employer

People who work for companies and hold positions of some authority may often be in positions where they may be purchasing decisions for the business. This means they may approve the payment of money to other partners, vendors or suppliers. One man in New York is today facing accusations that he embezzled money from his employer in a scheme that was made to appear as though the company was paying a vendor.

What are immigration offenses?

Countless people from all over the world seek to gain entry into the United States every year. Millions of immigration applications are received for a limited number of visas, which means that many people will be left without means of lawful entry. This has led to a wave of people entering the country illegally. If you have been accused of this very action (or assisting another currently in New York in doing so), it is important that you understand exactly what constitutes an immigration crime and what potential penalties you might face if convicted. 

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