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August 2019 Archives

Know the basics of healthcare fraud

When New York residents go to the doctor, they usually do not worry about their medical information. However, people sometimes steal important healthcare information. When this happens, it is called healthcare fraud. 

Self-incrimination and the Fifth Amendment

If you are like most people in New York, you are aware that the criminal justice system recognizes alleged crimes based on varying degrees of severity. It also identifies crimes in part based on jurisdiction. Some crimes are prosecuted at the local or municipal level while others are prosecuted at the state or the federal level. Regardless of whether you are accused of petty theft, murder or treason, you are guaranteed some very important rights under the law.

Embezzlement allegations result in probation sentence

People in New York who are accused of white collar crimes like money laundering or embezzlement may well know that they might be forced to spend time in prison if they are convicted of these types of offenses. However, a prison sentence is not always an automatic outcome as many factors can go into what determines a person's sentence in these matters.

What health care fraud committed by doctors really looks like

The biggest source of insurance fraud is medical providers, not the people who receive benefits. An individual can only successfully obtain a limited amount of benefits for themselves when committing fraud, while providers could theoretically bill for hundreds or thousands of procedures they didn't perform or performed unnecessarily just for compensation.

How are hate crimes defined?

While criminal wrongdoing is always taken seriously by law enforcement, hate crimes combine criminal wrongdoing with a motivation spurred by a bias towards another group. As a result, they cause a ripple effect that can potentially impact all members of a certain group, whether united by race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or country of origin. For this reason, hate crimes often entail harsher penalties than other types of crimes, even those that involve violence.

Mom and daughter accused of defrauding housing authority

It may be easy for people in New York to think of fraud as a type of offense that is well-defined and fits neatly into a proverbial box, yet in reality, alleged fraud schemes can be incredibly complex and involve elements that many people might not even be aware of. For all of the different types of fraud, however, at the heart of each case is an apparent degree of deception. Any example of a person using questionable means to secure money (either from an individual or an organization) might be viewed as meeting the definition of fraud. 

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