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August 2018 Archives

First of two trials in deliberation now

Most people in New York have likely heard some semblance of news coverage regarding the trial of the man who had been the President's campaign chairman during the last election. As reported by CBS News, this trial has concluded two days of jury deliberation with no verdict yet being returned. The jury will resume its deliberations after the weekend.

Understand embezzlement if you are facing accusations

People who are put in positions of trust over a company's assets are expected to behave in an ethical manner. This includes everyone from cashiers at a grocery store to executives who handle multi-million-dollar accounts for clients. It is imperative that these individuals handle the money in a suitable manner.

Campaign finance and the appearance of fraud

People in New York who may either run for public office themselves or who may choose to contribute to the political campaigns of others know that there are many laws governing the financing of political campaigns. As explained by the National Conference of State Legislatures, these laws cover three distinct areas, one of which is the public financing of campaigns. Other laws pertain specifically to the required disclosures associated with contributions that are made. The third type of law governs the caps on contributions.

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