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December 2017 Archives

Sentencing set for April for alleged mail fraud activity

People in New York who are arrested for any type of crime should always be aware of the many steps that may be involved in a criminal process. First and foremost, being arrested does not mean that a person will be found guilty of the offense for which they were originally charged. Even if a guilty verdict is received or a guilty plea entered voluntarily, variances in sentences as well as appeal processes may still impact the ultimate outcome of a case.

Is it a crime to vandalize mailboxes?

Generally speaking, New York residents like you may associate mailbox vandalism with harmless high school pranks. The stereotypical image is one of unruly teens taking bats to mailboxes as they drive past, knocking them over or denting the metal. But did you know that not only is this illegal, it's also a federal offense?

What do investigators look for on social media?

White collar crime investigations often turn to the Internet. But it's not all about looking for electronic paper trails, bank statements or email messages about money transfers. Those things are important, to be sure, but investigators also turn to something many people use every single day: social media.

Tobacco tax fraud among charges against 14

Residents in New York may well have heard reports about people being accused of and charged with criminal offenses for tax fraud. It is important to know that offenses involving tax fraud allegations do not always have to relate to federal income tax paid to the Internal Revenue Service. In addition, tax fraud may be connected with one particular type of product or transaction. That is what 14 people in upstate New York are learning today after their recent arrests.

Understanding charges against Flynn

People in New York who may ever have been involved in any case involving federal criminal charges know just how complicated these matters can be. There may be nuances and the smallest of details that may make the difference between something being able to be identified as a federal crime or not. A current example of this can be seen in the matter of the former National Security Advisor.

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