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November 2017 Archives

Copyright laws apply to works on the internet

With the continued importance of search engine optimization, businesses in New York are always searching for fresh content for their websites. This has given added importance to blogs and articles, the main source for good SEO practices that give help their sites achieve higher rankings in search engine returns. There is a wealth of material for just about everything on the internet, and many times, businesses will copy and paste text from another site to their own, unknowingly breaking copyright law.

The differences between illegal and controlled substances

New York residents may be aware of the fact that both illegal and controlled substances have certain legal restrictions and regulations, and that either can get someone in trouble with the law. But do they know the difference between these two substance types?

Understanding mail fraud allegations

When hearing about allegations of criminal activity involving suspected mail fraud, it is understandable that New York residents may wonder exactly what that might entail. A murder charge is relatively clear in most cases as it involves the death of another person. With mail fraud, many things may contribute to a person being charged with this type of crime.

Company review denies insider trading

On Wall Street and beyond, people in New York may often find themselves concerned about ensuring that their financial transactions are conducted properly. This may help them avoid unnecessary fees but it is also essential in order to comply with all laws and standards for business conduct. It is easier than some may think to have a stock sale or other major transaction appear to others as potentially fraudulent.

The consequences of white collar crimes

White collar crimes occur more than the average New Yorker might assume. Sometimes, what begins as a harmless financial plan can later turn into an illegal procedure in which all of those involved could face serious penalties. In addition to hefty jail time and costs, these types of crimes can negatively affect a person's private and professional life. 

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