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October 2017 Archives

New york's shifting immigration policies

The divide that immigration policies have created among Americans is evident. While there seems to be no end in sight in regards to solving the illegal immigrant issue in the country, lawmakers in New York are debating the extent of the state's legal help with certain groups. Many argue that immigrants convicted of criminal crimes should not qualify for state-assisted funding, but where should the line between petty and serious crimes be drawn? 

Types of mortgage fraud

Fraud charges can come with serious consequences. Those who suspect they may face some form of fraud charge should carefully consider the steps they need to take to build the strongest defense possible.

The repercussions of parental kidnapping

Kidnapping is the taking of any person against his or her will -- making the crime an incredibly serious one. Likewise, the state of New York considers kidnapping a felony. There are, however, cases that are wrongly interpreted and therefore are deserving of further scrutiny. Parental kidnapping is a complex topic, but it is important to understand the crime through the lenses of recent cases, law enforcement and the court system.

Wire fraud still a common occurrence in new york

Among one of the most common types of white collar crimes in New York City is wire fraud. Similar to mail fraud, wire fraud constitutes as any financial deceit using informational technology, and comes with serious consequences. Those charged with wire fraud often face decades behind bars, as well as thousands in fines. Nevertheless, wire fraud is the most widely used form of financial deception in the country, and countless New York residents are arrested each year on wire fraud charges. 

Examining the different types of vendor fraud

Whenever you have been tasked with handling a company's financial transactions, you essentially hold its spending power in the palms of your hands. With that authority comes a good deal of scrutiny, particularly over the companies and vendors in New York City that you work with. Several of the past clients that we here at Sapone & Petrillo, LLP have worked with have seen the nature of their vendor relationships cause others to accuse them of embezzlement. Why would your work with your company's vendors potentially lead to criminal accusations? 

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