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September 2017 Archives

Employee faces multiple charges for alleged fraud

New York residents who find themselves unable to work due to an injury or illness related to their jobs may well be eligible to file for and receive workers' compensation benefits. If they have additional personal insurance coverage that provides lost income benefits, that may be one other avenue via which they can receive income during times like these. 

Are you an African prince?

You have likely heard a story similar to this before: an unsuspecting person in New York receives an email from someone claiming to be an African prince in exile. He has millions of dollars tied up in banks in his home country that he needs to transfer to a U.S. bank account. The email states that if the recipient will simply provide his or her account information, the prince will pay him $10,000 for allowing him to temporarily use the account. The recipient sends the information, only to discover a few days later that all of his or her money is missing. 

Two men face allegations for ticket fraud

Any person in New York who has ever tried to get a ticket to a major concert or even to a popular play or musical knows that it can be difficult to get the seat they want at the price they are willing to pay. Purchasing tickets to events like these today is different than in years past in part because there are many sources for these tickets as they are not always sold directly from a box office or one centralized ticketing outlet.

Money laundering crimes: a serious matter

The term "money laundering" is no stranger to most New York business people: it often makes headlining news, is ingrained in the societal psyche through the legal system and also makes appearances through the mode of Hollywood blockbusters. Yet what happens when this infamous topic applies to the everday individual? Mistakes do happen, but the U.S. legal system does not take federal crimes such as money laundering lightly. It is important to know the types of existing money laundering charges and the potential repercussions if such a crime does occur.

The crippling penalties of meth distribution

The opioid epidemic may be taking the American media spotlight, especially in states such as Ohio and West Virginia. Yet other areas in the country are dealing with another type of drug issue: meth trafficking and distribution. The handling of such a drug, with the intent to distribute, comes with serious legal consequences in New York. Some of these consequences are so severe that they inhibit offenders from carrying out normal and healthly lives in the future.

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