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August 2017 Archives

Understanding copyright

Copyright laws are complicated, and their application varies from case to case. However, it is important for people in New York to understand the basic tenants of copyright law in order to avoid unintentional infringement. According to Business Dictionary, copyright is a protection granted to the creator of an original work which prohibits any other person from recreating or using that work publicly without the author's permission. This protection applies to music, written communication, dance, movies, art and similar works. One of the few cases in which a work does not belong to the author is in an employment setting. If an employ creates something for a job, that work is generally considered the property of the company for which it was generated.

What if I’m accused of fraud?

If you work in financial services, there are many ways that you may find yourself on the receiving end of fraud charges. Fraud is wide-ranging, and depending on the nature of your work and the individuals you deal with, you may not even know that something you do may cross a line that raises the interest of law enforcement.

What is a Ponzi scheme?

If you are a resident of New York who is involved in business investments you know that many people find complex financial transactions to be confusing. In some situations, it may well be a person's lack of understanding that makes them believe that something may in fact be fraudulent. There are certain things that are identified as hallmarks of Ponzi schemes, a certain type of investment fraud. Knowing what these are is important for you so you can make wise choices with your own investment programs.

Embezzlement scam sends former finance director to federal prison

There may a common line of thinking out there amongst many in New York that the penalties that accompany white collar crimes are light. This assumption may be fed by the stories that many may have heard perpetuated about cushy federal prisons that make the experience of incarceration seem like more of an extended vacation. In reality, an embezzlement charge can result in very harsh consequences, especially given that many of such cases involve the alleged theft or misappropriation of huge sums of money. As is the case in many criminal actions, the higher the amount that is supposedly stolen, the greater the penalty one may face.

Broad search warrant thrown out by judge

The Fourth Amendment protects Americans against unlawful searches, and a recent case being brought against a New York financier has shined a light on the issues with search warrants in fraud cases. As Forbes reports, a judge recently slammed the FBI for violating the financier's constitutional rights with their overly broad search warrant.

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